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At Licensed to Chill we understand the importance of reliable ventilation and air conditioning for business operations – whether it be providing a comfortable working environment for office staff or a pleasant experience for your customers.

For this reason, we offer extensive environmental monitoring (EM) and building management systems (BMS), granting you the comfort you require as well as complete control over your environment.

In sensitive areas, such as computer server rooms, continuous and reliable operation is even more important to avoid serious interruptions to business activity. Our rapid-response breakdown service and preventative maintenance options ensure any interruptions are infrequent and have a minimal impact on your business.

We specialise in designing and installing reliable, efficient air conditioning and building management systems for any size and any type of business, in accordance with all building codes and Australian standards. Our highly experienced staff provide design and engineering, appraisal, feasibility studies and project management expertise to ensure your installation meets your requirements on time and within budget.

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