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Your air conditioning system, like any other piece of machinery, requires regular servicing and reliability checks to ensure continuous efficient performance.

Licensed to Chill offers comprehensive Preventative Maintenance contracts which we recommend to all of our customers. We provide air conditioning service, repair and installation to domestic, commercial and industrial air conditioning, refrigeration and mechanical ventilation systems.

Regular pro-active maintenance by our qualified service technicians provides many benefits:

  • It saves the inconvenience and cost of major repairs, which will inevitably result from an un-serviced system.
  • It maintains your warranty. Regular maintenance is usually required to keep the warranty on your unit valid.
  • A well maintained system will run more smoothly and efficiently, keeping your energy costs to a minimum.
  • An efficient system is a clean system. Pollution levels are significantly reduced, thus reducing the impact on our environment.
  • A regularly maintained system can look forward to a greatly increased life expectancy.

Our technician will clean your air filter, adjust belt tension, check control equipment, lubricate bearings, inspect for refrigerant leaks, gas leaks or oil traces, check condensate pumps and pans, check drain lines, clean and check water strainers, check motors and compressors for excessive power usage, inspect all electrical connections, and prepare the system for seasonal conditions, depending on the time of year.

Licensed to Chill also provides a 24 hour emergency breakdown service. Our technicians will always endeavour to respond immediately to all service requests

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