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Heating Systems


Your heating system typically makes up the largest part of your energy bill. It stands to reason that you need your heating system to be as energy efficient as possible.

In making decisions about your heating needs, the expert team at Licensed to Chill will ask you questions about your residential or commercial workspace and how the people that live or work their use the space at various times of the day. Getting the right heating system for your needs drastically impacts your comfort. Our technicians will also take into account the initial installation costs and the long-term costs of operating the system when making recommendations to you.

One of the primary factors to consider when discussing your heating system options is which energy source will be the most efficient and cost-effective. Our skilled technicians will factor your climate and the resources that are readily available in your area. Natural gas is a popular option for heating systems. Other systems include propane, LP gas, electric heat pumps, hot water systems, and reverse split system units.

Each of these systems has advantages and disadvantages. Natural gas forced air systems have the advantage of using the whole house ductwork system for an air conditioning system. These systems force warm or cool air through a system of ducts and registers to keep you comfortable. One of the disadvantages of a ducted system is that it circulates dust, dirt, and other particles through the air.

An advantage of a hot water system is that it heats more evenly. Some of the disadvantages of hot water systems are that they are costlier to install and you still need ductwork if you have a central air conditioning unit.

Electric heat pumps and split heating/air conditioning systems are good choices for certain types of spaces.

Our quality tradesmen will consider all these systems and make recommendations to you about installation costs, operating costs, and how they will affect your comfort all year round.

Our technicians will also consider the size of the system for your space. A heating system that is too large for the space will turn on and shut off too frequently, reducing the life of your system. It’s generally best for furnaces to run for more than a few minutes.

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