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Ducted Air Conditioning


A ducted air conditioning cools every room in your home every season of the year, making it a perfect whole home or office solution. Ducted air conditioning shares the duct system with your heating system. On those days where the weather outside is uncharacteristically warm or cold, all you need to do is set the temperature control and let the ducted air conditioning system control your indoor temperature to a comfortable setting. Ducted air conditioning has many other benefits for residential and commercial spaces.

The timers let you adjust the temperatures automatically at various times of the day. If you like a cooler temperature for sleeping at night, you can set the thermostat to run a few degrees cooler. If you like the temperature a little warmer during the cold months, you can set the controls to increase about the time you wake up. Just set it and forget it.

Ducted air conditioning gives you even cooling throughout your space. There’s no more worrying about being uncomfortable in certain areas because of hot or cold zones.

Unlike window air conditioning units, ducted air conditioning systems are one of the quietest air conditioning systems available. You won’t hear any noisy blowers kicking on or off. All the noise stays neatly contained in your ceiling, under the floors, or outside.

With a ducted air conditioning systems, you won’t see any bulky units in the windows or on the walls. There are no cords to hide or trip over. Our technicians will mount the grills discreetly in the ceiling or floors so that they won’t distract from the beauty of your interior.

No matter the size of your home or office, a ducted air conditioning system is a cost-effective option for most spaces and adds to the value of your home or office.

Our skilled team of experts at Licensed to Chill will assess your space, explore your options and offer you a professional, customized quote for your space. Our tradesmen in Sydney have many years of air conditioning expertise and experience. After your installation, our technicians are available if you need maintenance, repairs, or replacement.

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