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Licensed to Chill is a family-owned and operated heating and air conditioning company. We stay informed about new technologies and advances in our field regarding energy efficiency, air quality, and the impact to our environment. Our company aims to uphold our legacy of excellence in workmanship and unmatched personal service, with extremely competitive pricing. All our employees approach our customers with honesty and integrity with the goal of building long-term relationships.

We take pride in training our technicians in all types of equipment from small residential systems to large scale commercial and industrial air conditioning systems. In making our selections, we consider the perspectives of installation, servicing, and preventative maintenance. Our technicians arrive on time and work quickly and expertly.

Licensed to Chill has a professional team of quality tradesmen, based in Sydney. When you call on Licensed to Chill, you know that you can count on quality service by a friendly, knowledgeable technician.

The best way to avoid a system failure with the extreme demands of the Australian climate is to call on Licensed to Chill for regular preventative maintenance. We also encourage you to call us for a pre-season appointment to help you prevent a system breakdown during times of severe hot or cold weather when you need your system the most. Our team commits to making sure that your system is trouble-free and operating at peak performance all year long. Regular maintenance checks will also keep your energy bills from getting out of control. Maintenance checks will also preserve the life of your equipment.

As your area heating and air conditioning experts in Sydney, our technicians are highly trained in preventative maintenance for all types of residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. As part of your evaluation, we will assess the placement of your equipment, inspect refrigerant lines, replace air filters, and clean ductwork and wiring. Our assessment includes discussing all options for improvements in functionality and energy efficiency. Our team will make recommendations that could save you money for the short term and long term.

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